Save Kaavan the Elephant in Pakistan

Here’s what I just wrote to:

Capital Development Authority (CDA):

Pakistan Prime Minister’s office:

Pakistan Embassy in the USA:

After living in solitary confinement for 28 years in the Islamabad Zoo, Kaavan the elephant is now suffering from a range of health issues – both mental and physical. The zoo claims he is fine and happy in his barren enclosure – which is impossible. And the evidence shows, he’s in pain, he’s in mental torture, and this has got to stop. Gangrene and neglect will soon take his life. In the wild, elephants can roam up to 30 miles a day. They are extremely emotional and social animals that form strong bonds with other elephants and spend most of their life in family herds. Come on, Pakistan – you are better than this. There are elephant sanctuaries that can give Kaavan the life he deserves. Show mercy, show compassion, be humane: release this elephant immediately to a sanctuary.

Please write them too, in your own words. And sign the petition.

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