I need some quickie help re: a mobile-ready web page

I would like to make a few pages on my web site mobile-ready (maybe all of them, if I have time). I have to do this myself – I’m a one-gal operation. And I’m no web designer.

Here’s my first attempt: it’s my page regarding microvolunteeringI used a template to create this page, making various adjustments, as I could figure them out – I’m no web designer (obviously).

But here’s what I need help with:

  • The specific lines of HTML or whatever, so that there is a space around the page (I hate how it’s pushed right up against the edges of my computer screen)
  • How to make the web links appear in a different color than the rest of the text (I’ve tried the way I did it on my other pages, but it doesn’t work – so, again, I’d need the *exact*  and how to place it)
  • How to make bullets appear (sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t, using UL and LI) and, if possible, how to make bulleted items indent (the way I did it on a non-mobile ready page doesn’t work). Again, I need the *exact* HTML and where to drop it in.

Or maybe I have to alter some other file? I’ve no idea. But the more simple you can make this for me, the better. 

And before you say something – yes, I know that, on this page, it’s a lot of text, and perhaps the design is unimaginative, etc. I get that. But for my audience, it’s what’s appropriate. And all I can manage for a web site of many thousands of pages. 

So give me a shout via email if you can help!

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