Online stuff: greater than, less than

When it comes to online tools for nonprofits, NGOs, schools, government programs and other mission-based organizations to use with clients, volunteers, employees, donors and others, I have strong feelings about some being better than others.

(What?! Me?! “Strong feelings”?! Surely I jest…)

Here is my super-simplified views on such:

Flickr > Facebook (for photo sharing)
YahooGroups > LinkedIn groups (for discussions & networking)
Google Groups > LinkedIn groups (for discussions & networking)
YahooGroups > Google Groups (for discussions & networking)
Google Calendar > Yahoo Calendar (for private use or sharing with others)
Thunderbird > Microsoft Outlook (for reading email on a computer instead of the cloud)
Firefox > MS Internet Explorer (for web browsing)
NeoOffice > Microsoft Office (for documents, spreadsheets, slide shows/presentations, etc.)
Twitter > Facebook (for networking with other agencies)
Girl Guides of Canada Facebook page > Girl Scouts of the USA Facebook page (for networking with other agencies)
Girl Guides of Canada Twitter feed > Girl Scouts of the USA Twitter feed (for networking with other agencies)

Okay, those last two aren’t tools – they are organizations. But I’m blown away at how awesome the Girl Guides of Canada organization is on Facebook and Twitter, as opposed to their USA counterpart, and I think compairing their social media use, side-by-side, is a really great tutorial on how to effectively use social media to engage, not just broadcast.

Okay, let’s see your list. Keep the “why” brief.


One thought on “Online stuff: greater than, less than

  1. Anonymous

    Another comment deleted before I could approve it. Not sure what’s up with that. This time, it was from Michael Keizer:"Thunderbird > Outlook. True if you only look at reading email, However, I use Outlook as my contact manager using the Business Contact Manager extension, as my planner and diary through the agenda, etcetera. So in the end, Outlook > (Thunderbird plus a whole slew of additional tools) "And that’s the way I like it, Michael. I don’t like the Outlook Business Contact Manager nor its calendar function. Never have. And I really like using non-Microsoft products, because they play so much better with others, whereas Microsoft tools are geared towards people who use only Microsoft Tools. Thanks for replying! Let’s keep the greater than>less than theme though, okay?


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