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Welcome to my blog. I provide commentary and announcements about news and resources related to nonprofits, non-governmental organizations (ngos), communications, community engagement, volunteerism, aid & development, management and women’s empowerment.

Whereas my web site is for my resources, provided in the form of articles and guidelines, and my blog is more for commentary and dynamic content and discussion with others.

I’m an internationally-recognized trainer, researcher and consultant. My work is focused on communicationsvolunteer involvement, community engagement, and management for nonprofits, NGOs, and government initiatives. I’m considered a pioneer regarding the research, promotion and practice of virtual volunteering, including virtual teams, microvolunteering and crowdsourcing, and I’m a veteran manager of various local and international initiatives. Here’s the full story about me.

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History of my blog

This blog used to be on posterous.com; sadly, it was bought and dismantled by Twitter. Before that, I used forumer.com for years as my blog host, because it was simple and blogs on the site could be read by people using older operating systems. I was satisfied until my last year on the site, when customer service became non-existent and the site became wretchedly slow.

2 thoughts on “About Jayne

  1. Maia

    Dear Jane,
    I read your post about recommendations to the mother of the 16 girl who wanted to travel abrod volunteering.
    Your recommendations were exactly what I needed to hear, sadly, it would been helpful a couple of years ago.
    I’m 26 years old, from Uruguay (south America). I studied International Studies pursuing a career in the humanitarian sector because I’m interested in working in cooperation for development. I have some diplomas in cooperation and a Master in Organizational Change (Knowledge Management) but I have the feeling I centered my background in education when it should have better to do more volunteering or try to develop projects for my community.
    I tried applying at NGOs and International Organizations but of course I don’t have the experience required.
    In Uruguay, I worked in Logistics to help to pay my master and saved some money (you don’t have much opportunities). After finishing my master I decided that if I don’t pursue my objectives now, soon it will be to late.
    I came to Panama for volunteer work at the World Food Programme in the communications and knowledge management unit. I loved the experience and had the opportunity to do real tasks.
    Currently I am doing a 3 month internship for the IFRC (the federation of red cross) in the resource mobilization unit, also in Panama.
    I started french classes (I saw the importance at the WFP) and I’m improving my english. (Spanish is my mother tongue, please excuse my mistakes in english).
    I know working in this sector has a mix of happy and hard times. I am realist, I want to work for improving the world we live on but I know is not always easy and I expect some hardships on the way.
    I’m eager to work in development and I’d appreciate any recommendation or some experience from you part that could be helpful for my career.

    Thanks a lot!! Love your blog.

    King regards,


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