My blogs about some aspect of court-ordered community service:

My blogs about some aspect of court-ordered community service, in reverse date-of-publication order:

Courts getting tougher re: online community service. 2017 January 12

Assigning law breakers to community service: worthwhile?: note that this is not a blog about whether or not it affects recidivism, but rather, if its worthwhile for nonprofits asked to involve such volunteers. 2016 August 18

Proud to fool courts re: community service. 2016 August 18

Kentucky politicians think volunteers are free: a very disturbing move in 2016 by the Governor of Kentucky to require people receiving government financial assistance to undertake community service. 2016 August 08

Selling community service leads to arrest, conviction, update on how Community Service Help has gone away, and the owner of the notorious the Caffeine Awareness Association pled guilty to a false-filing felony. 2016 July 01

Yes, I love court-ordered community service folks: how I have involved people compelled by the courts to finish community service. 2015 August 07

Supervising online volunteers in court-ordered settings: how to supervise online volunteers that are doing community service because of a punishment or probation. 2015 September 09

Proud to fool courts re: community service: a testimony from someone that admits to benefitting from a company that sells letters saying people have completed volunteering when they actually haven’t. 2016 August 10

Selling community service leads to arrest, conviction. 2016 July 01

Haters gonna hate, November 2014 update on Community Service Help and other similar, unethical companies. 2014 November 24

Community Service Help Cons Another Person – a first-person account by someone who paid for online community service and had it rejected by the court. 2014 February 18

Online community service company tries to seem legit, a November 2013 update about efforts these companies are making to seem legitimate. 2013 March 26

Update on a virtual volunteering scam. 2012 November 06

Courts being fooled by online community service scams, an update from November 2011 that is the most popular blog I’ve ever published. 2011 November 09

Online volunteer scam goes global, a July 2011 update with links to TV stories trying to expose these scam companies. 2011 July 01

What online community service is – and is not – the very first blog I wrote exposing a company selling community service completion letters. It resulted in the founder of the company calling me at home to beg me to take the blog down and to mansplain to me what online volunteering is (he had no idea who I was or my reputation regarding virtual volunteering). 2011 January 07