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  •    The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook is available for purchase as a paperback and an ebook from Energize, Inc.
    Susan Ellis and I wrote this book both for people that are new to virtual volunteering, as well as for organizations already involving online volunteers who want to improve or expand their programs. It's available on Susan's web site and on Amazon, both as a paperback and as an ebook.

    August 2015:

    Tips for staying in contact with remote staff in developing countries / conflict zones
    Many factors stand in the way of trying to stay in contact with field staff at projects in rural or conflicted areas in developing countries. I review all of the various challenges faced by people in a main office in getting data from field staff working in humanitarian / development / aid initiatives, and how to address those challenges.

    July 2015:
      UPDATED: Oregon Orgs Involved in Overseas Development / Humanitarian Efforts Or Educating People Re: Other Countries/Global Affairs
      I now have more than 30 organizations and initiatives in Oregon, primarily in the Portland, Oregon area, that are involved in overseas development / aid / relief / humanitarian efforts, or that are involved in educating people about other countries - and a few in Oregon but outside PDX.

      Recruiting Mentors
      (or any high-responsibility volunteers that will work with clients)

      Recruitment is a mentality. Successful recruitment of volunteer mentors comes from a mentality that permeates the organization, one that prompts employees and volunteers to always be looking for opportunities for outreach and partnership, and where all employees and volunteers are advocates for the program, regardless of the tasks they undertake. This web page has specific recommendations to recruit mentors for youth, but these recommendations could be used for most any high-responsibility, high-commitment volunteer role working with clients, such as counselors, tutors, volunteer firefighters, CASA volunteers, etc.

      Me in Kentucky in October
      I’ll be the Fall 2015 Duvall Leader in Residence at the University of Kentucky’s Center for Leadership Development (CFLD), part of UK’s College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Oct. 26 – 30, in and around Lexington. The week before, I’ll be in Henderson, on the other side of the state, to be the keynote speaker for a capacity-building event for nonprofits organized by the Henderson Community Foundation. More information about these Kentucky gigs.
    July 2015 blogs: (in published date reverse order)

    May & June 2015 blogs: (in published date reverse order)

    The Coyote Helps Foundation

      April 2015:

    Updated: Ideas for Leadership Volunteering Activities
    Information on my web site about volunteerism is focused mostly on those who work with volunteers, rather than volunteer themselves. But an FAQ on various online groups is from young people looking leadership volunteering activities - ideas to create or lead a sustainable, lasting benefit to a community, and that involve recruiting others to help. These can also be activities for the Girl Scouts Gold Award, the Duke of Edinburgh's Award (U.K.), a mitzvah project, or even scholarship consideration.

    March & April 2015 blogs: (in published date reverse order)

    March 2015:

    Packing Advice For First-Time Humanitarians & Aid Workers
    What you should pack before you head out on your first mission trip, based on my own experiences working for the UN abroad. This information is on a part of my web site that has advertising on the side of the page. The revenue helps me cover the cost of maintaining this entire web site.

    Daily, Mandatory, Minimal Tasks for Nonprofits on Facebook & Twitter
    There are a lot of nonprofits using Facebook and Twitter just to post to press releases. And if that's how your nonprofit, NGO or government agency is using social media, then your organization is missing out on most of the benefits you could gain from such. Facebook, Twitter and other social media are all about engagement. Social media is NOT one-way communication; you want people and organizations to read your information, but you also want them to respond to it. And they want YOU to respond to what THEY are saying. I broke these must-do tasks down into the most simple, basic list as possible - these tasks take minutes, not hours, a day.

    February 2015:

    Recommendations for UN & UNDP in Ukraine to use Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and Other Social Media to Promote Reconciliation, Social Inclusion, & Peace-Building in Ukraine (PDF). This is a draft document I submitted to UNDP Ukraine just before I left Kyiv in October 2014, having completed my term there as a "Surge" Communications Advisor. This draft document offers considerations and recommendations for social media messaging that promotes reconciliation, social inclusion, and peace-building in Ukraine. It provides ideas for messaging related to promoting tolerance, respect and reconciliation in the country, and messaging to counter bigotry, prejudice, inequality, misperceptions and misconceptions about a particular group of people or different people among Ukrainians as a whole.

    Research and case studies regarding recruitment and retainment of volunteer firefighters & justifications for involving volunteer firefighters that do NOT relate to "money saved"
    A little bit of commentary and a long list of resources, compiled from various sources. Updates welcomed!

    January and February 2015 blogs (in reverse order):

    January 2015:

    Folklore, Rumors (or Rumours) & Urban Myths Interfering with Development & Aid/Relief Efforts, & Government Initiatives (& how these are overcome)

    Folklore, rumors (or rumours) and urban myths / urban legends often interfere with relief and development activities, and government initiatives, including public health initiatives -- even bringing such to a grinding halt. They create ongoing misunderstandings among communities and cultures, prevent people from seeking help, encourage people to engage in unhealthy and even dangerous practices, cultivate mistrust of people and institutions, and have even lead to mobs of people attacking someone or others for no reason other than something they heard from a friend of a friend of a friend. This resource has examples of this happening and how to prevent or address such. It's been updated with information regarding Ebola in West Africa and vaccinations in the USA (see the page for how to submit your own examples and recommendations).

    December 2014:

    PDX-area Organizations Involved in Overseas Development / Aid / Relief & Volunteer Efforts
    Or Educating People Re: Other Countries/Global Affairs

    This page tracks Portland, Oregon metro-area organizations that are involved in overseas development / aid / relief / humanitarian efforts, or that are involved in educating people about other countries. Some are nonprofits, some are university programs, and some are for-profit companies / businesses. Some are focused exclusively on aid and development, some are focused only partially on such.

    List of Volunteer Management Software
    Yes, I've finally updated this page. It also now includes my detailed recommendations on How to Choose Volunteer Management Software. For this page, volunteer management software is defined as software that actually has "volunteer" somewhere in its official description (it does NOT have to be called "volunteer management" software, however). Also, note that many organizations use software developed to track all kinds of constituents - funders, clients, customers, etc. - to also track their volunteers, or software designed to track employees to, instead, track volunteers. Therefore, this page could not be considered a comprehensive list of software that can be used to manage volunteer information.

    My tech: the networked technology tools I use
    I'm an independent consultant, a one-woman shop, and I don't have the funds to buy the very best, very latest computers, tablets, and smart phones, or to upgrade my technology every year. Yet, I've made a name for myself regarding using the Internet to communicate effectively, to be an integral part of a nonprofit organizations' mission-based work, to work remotely and to supervise others remotely, and to support and manage volunteers (virtual volunteering). How do I remain cutting edge online and still be able to afford to pay my bills? How often do I upgrade my technology? I put together this page to answer those questions.

    December 2014 blogs (in reverse order):

    Me in Warsaw, Poland, Nov. 12 - 15, 2014,
    then Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain, until 19,
    then back to Poland and the USA

    I?ll fly to Warsaw, Poland, arriving November 12, to present workshops on November 13th and 14th regarding virtual volunteering and meet with various NGOs from Eastern Europe, including representatives from Ukraine (HURRAH!!), for e-wolontariat.pl, a Polish-based NGO that is at the forefront of promoting digital volunteering in Europe. Participants will include finalists of the e-volunteering competition ? NGO representatives who are finalists to win a grant for the implementation of their ideas for e-volunteering projects. I?ll also be in Barcelona, Catalunya/Spain, all day on November 17, 18 and 19, for a personal visit, but would be happy to meet with any NGO, university or government representative who might like to have lunch or coffee and a chat about anything related to volunteering, NGOs, and/or tech4good. More details.

    I'm booked through Dec. 2014
    (& soon, beyond that!)

    I am fully booked with work through December 2014 (and it looks like I may soon be booked through April 2014 as well!). My schedule tends to fill up very quickly, so if you are thinking of me for a project, contact me soon! Please note I'm taking only paid work - no pro bono projects right now. More about my consulting and training/teaching.

    Oct. 14, Dublin, Ireland
    Featured speaker at Comhlámh annual report launch. I'll be talking about how organizations that send volunteers overseas can incorporate virtual volunteering into the support for those volunteers. I met representatives from Comhlámh when I worked on the EU Aid Initiative earlier this year. In Germany after that, until Oct. 22, 2014.

    Blogs re: my work in Ukraine Aug. 3 - Oct. 3, 2014:
    I?m in Kiev (Kyiv), Ukraine, August 4, 2014
    Apps for good ? two things I learned in Ukraine this week, August 12, 2014
    Fearing your own colleagues in the field, August 13, 2014
    What a work day is like ? so far, August 15, 2014
    Ukrainian named Wikipedian of the Year 2014, August 15, 2014
    World Humanitarian Day is TODAY, August 19, 2014
    Reconciliation, August 20, 2014
    My job: reading the consequences of war, August 26, 2014
    Humans of New York guy posting re: Ukraine, September 8, 2014
    where are the evaluations of hacksforgood/appsforgood?, September 9, 2014
    Ukrainian journalism student project: Stopfake.org, September 10, 2014
    Tweets from UNDP Ukraine?s Social Good #inno4dev summit, September 25, 2014
    Using social media to promote respect, tolerance, reconciliation?, September 26, 2014
    What I Did in Ukraine for the United Nations, October 12, 2014

    August 2014

    Hard to Reach: In Ukraine for Aug & Sept., Germany & Ireland for most of Oct.
    I'm off to Kiev (Kyiv) Ukraine for all of August and September, for a two-month consultation with UNDP. I'll be blogging and tweeting about my experience as much as time allows. Then, in October, I'll be in Germany for most of the month for a vacation - it will be my first time back in Germany since I left in 2009, after living there for 8 years. My phone numbers will not work while I am abroad. If you need to reach me, please email me;  if you need to reach me URGENTLY (for instance, you are from the media and you are working on a story and you are on deadline), write a tweet and mention @jcravens42.

    June 2014

    Incorporating virtual volunteering into a corporate employee volunteer program
    (a resource for businesses / for-profit companies)

    Virtual volunteering - volunteers providing service via a computer, smart phone, tablet or other networked advice - presents a great opportunity for companies to expand their employee philanthropic offerings. Through virtual volunteering, some employees will choose to help organizations online that they are already helping onsite. Other employees who are unable to volunteer onsite at a nonprofit or school will choose to volunteer online because of the convenience.

    Información de voluntariado virtual en español
    Aquí hay unas enlaces a la información en español sobre el voluntariado virtual.

    A blog about my two-week motorcycle tour of Utah, Nevada & Oregon in June 2014.
    2989 miles / 4810.329 kilometres. Included Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, Moab, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef National Park (the most under-rated national park), Goblin Valley - Utah State Park, Anasazi State Park Museum, Bryce Canyon National Park, Great Basin National Park, camping on BLM land, Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, and more!
    Onsite workshop in Portland, Oregon:
    Virtual Volunteering: The Right Way to Engage Online Volunteers
    Wednesday, June 4, 2014, 6 to 8 pm, Idealist, 209 SW Oak St, Ste 600. Networking and refreshments 6pm-6:15pm/6:30pm

    I'm on vacation June 8 - 22. You can email me whilst I'm on vacation, but do not expect to hear from me until after June 22. More information on how to contact me (including for press / media that need to reach me ASAP).

    May 2014  
    Webinar: Virtual Volunteering: An Untapped Resource for Employee Engagement
    10 11 a.m. San Francisco time (1 - 2 p.m. New York City time), Wednesday, May 28th, 2014
    Why is virtual volunteering worth encouraging at your company or business, to benefit nonprofit organizations, what policies do you need in place, how can you support employees as online volunteers, and how can you track and celebrate their accomplishments? Join VolunteerMatch in conversation with me, Jayne Cravens, and Kaye Morgan-Curtis, of Newell Rubbermaid, to answer these questions and hear how companies are using this strategy to engage employees who might not have otherwise been able to participate in their programs.

    April 2014 
    Internet-mediated Volunteering in the EU (virtual volunteering)
    At long last, Internet-mediated Volunteering in the EU: Its history, prevalence, and approaches and how it relates to employability and social inclusion, has been published. My research was for the ICT4EMPL Future Work project undertaken by the Information Society Unit of the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies at the European Commission?s Joint Research Centre, and consumed most of my 2013.

    Folklore, Rumors (or Rumours) & Urban Myths Interfering with Development & Aid/Relief Efforts, & Government Initiatives (& how these are overcome)

    Folklore, rumors (or rumours) and urban myths / urban legends often interfere with relief and development activities, and government initiatives, including public health initiatives -- even bringing such to a grinding halt. They create ongoing misunderstandings among communities and cultures, prevent people from seeking help, encourage people to engage in unhealthy and even dangerous practices, cultivate mistrust of people and institutions, and have even lead to mobs of people attacking someone or others for no reason other than something they heard from a friend of a friend of a friend. This resource has examples of this happening and how to prevent or address such.

    March 2014 

    Online volunteers supporting aid and development
    Since November 2013, I've been providing advice and research regarding the online volunteering component of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative, through People In Aid and France Volontaire. I'm finishing up my involvement in the project by the end of March.  

    Motorcycle & bicycle riders supporting aid and development
    Just updated with new examples! Motorcycles for good? Indeed! This page tracks the use of motorcycles in development / aid / relief / humanitarian efforts in developing countries. This isn't so much about volunteers going to developing countries and using motorcycles for relief efforts; rather, these efforts are more about local people being trained to ride and service motorcycles themselves as a part of such efforts, which not only helps get aid, including medicine, where it needs to go, but also helps create small businesses. At the bottom of the page is advice for individuals and small groups who want to use their motorcycles and travels to help others. 

    February & March 2014 Webinars

    The Best Assignments for Online Volunteers, an hour-long webinar for TechSoup.

    The Right Way to Engage Online Volunteers, an hour-long webinar for VolunteerMatch.

    January 2014
    On January 21, I had a super fun tweet chat as a guest of VolunteerMatch. The subject? Virtual volunteering, of course! You can read the transcript here.

    Here's the video from my presentation for San Francisco Online Community Meetup Group (OCTribe), at TechSoup, talking about applying volunteer management principles to online community management. Here are the slides I used for the presentation.

    November 2013

    Free training video of me talking about Using Internet & Smartphone Apps to Work With Volunteers.
    This workshop, Real Tools for Real People: Using Internet & Smartphone Apps to Work With Volunteers, is a 90 minute training video made at the October Corporation for National and Community Service 2013 Pacific Cluster Learning Community Conference, with twang (I'd been in Kentucky two weeks previously). It's focused on managers of AmeriCorps, VISTA, SeniorCorps and other national service members, however, it's applicable to any initiative involving volunteers. Sorry that the video doesn't pick up the laughs from the terrific audience of about 50 or more people.

    Virtual Volunteering in Europe 2013
    For much of 2013, I researched and wrote about Internet-mediated volunteering (virtual volunteering, online volunteering, microvolunteering, online mentoring, etc.) in European Union (EU) countries. I've provide some analysis from that project that either aren't in the paper I've submitted, but I think they should be out in public for discussion, or, that are in the paper, but I wanted to highlight them in particular for discussion.

    Initiatives opposed to some or all volunteering (unpaid work), and
    online and print articles about or addressing controversies regarding volunteers replacing paid staff

    This is a list of organizations and initiatives opposed to some kinds of volunteering (unpaid work), or ALL kinds of volunteering, including unpaid internships at nonprofit organizations / charities. It is also a list of online and print articles about or addressing controversies regarding volunteers replacing paid staff. Most of the links are to initiatives or actions in Europe or the USA. This list has been compiled to help researchers regarding volunteerism, as well as for policy makers and volunteerism advocates who want to avoid these kinds of controversies at nonprofit organizations and government agencies. This list is also compiled to refute those who believe that there are no such controversies (believe it or not, those people DO exist).

    One(-ish) Day "Tech" Activities for Volunteers

    Volunteers are getting together for intense, one-day events, or events of just a few days, to build web pages, to write code, to edit Wikipedia pages, and more. These are gatherings of onsite volunteers, where everyone is in one location, together, to do an online-related project in one day, or a few days. It's a form of episodic volunteering, because volunteers don't have to make an ongoing commitment - they can come to the event, contribute their services, and then leave and never volunteer again. Because computers are involved, these events are sometimes called hackathons, even if coding isn't involved. This page provides advice on how to put together a one-day event, or just-a-few-days-of activity, for a group of tech volunteers onsite, working together, for a nonprofit, non-governmental organization (NGO), community-focused government program, school or other mission-based organization - or association of such.

    Do you welcome people with your language - or make them uncomfortable (even drive them away)?
    An online exchange with a volunteer manager putting together a volunteer recognition event lead to this blog regarding word choices and religious activities at secular organizations.

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