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Examples of My YahooAnswers (& reactions from others)
What does it look like to answer people's questions online?

In an effort to show that, I offer these examples of how I answer questions on YahooAnswers, and how people have felt about those answers:




I have gotten similar reactions when I have posted answers to Quora.

The web pages I am directing these folks to are pages focused on people who are not nonprofit or NGO professionals. These resources are focused on individuals who want to make a difference in some way, through volunteering or through a career. I developed these pages after seeing the same questions again and again on YahooAnswers and various other sites: I'm under 18 - where do I find volunteering opportunities? or I love animals and want to make a career of it - how do I do that? or I want to volunteer with seniors but I don't now where to begin or How can I devote my life to helping others all over the world? and on and on. And when I looked online for answers to those questions, the information varied in quality, and what good information I could find was all over the place, on various different web sites. So I decided to create pages that both offer my own professional expertise - for free - and that link to the best information out there, in an effort to help people - especially young people - access the best information out there and get into volunteering quickly.

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