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Where Are Your Organization's FAQs?

FAQs are Frequently Asked Questions and their answers, and FAQs are most users' favorite part of a mission-based organization's web site.

There should be a link to your organization's FAQs right on your home page and, in fact, you should explore creating FAQs for individual departments or areas of focus -- FAQs about volunteering, about a central activity to your organization, etc.

Why? Well if that statement about FAQs being the favorite thing for most users of your web site, then consider this: FAQs will cut down on the number of e-mails and phone calls your organization receives asking the same questions over and over.

To determine your organization's FAQs, don't hire a consultant and or do an in-depth study; instead, talk to the person who answers your organization's main line the most, and to the person to whom he or she transfers the most calls. These two people will probably be able to rattle off the top 10 - 20 reasons people contact your organization very quickly. And don't be surprised if the FAQs aren't what the executive director or marketing manager think they are going to be.

Also, don't be surprised if the FAQs lead to some heated discussions among staff; many may be answering basic questions about your organization in different ways, and may never have consulted each other on the answers they provide.

The Above Information was originally featured in the Tech4Impact newsletter.

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