Why should you trust the information on these web pages?

The pages in this section of my web site are focused on people who are not nonprofit or NGO professionals. These resources are focused on individuals who want to make a difference in some way, through volunteering or through a career.  

The pages are written by me, Jayne Cravens. I have worked for and with nonprofit organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international charities, international humanitarian agencies, government agencies, universities and for-profit companies regarding helping people, communities and the environment. You can read more about my professional work here, as well as read more about my volunteer work here. You can type my name into Google and read even more about me - I'm a real person!

My professional work is focused on those organizations, institutions and companies that help people - but my work does not always involve working directly with the clients these organizations serve myself. For instance, I offer consulting services, for a fee, to help organizations more effectively involve volunteers, but I don't offer consulting services to help volunteers themselves. Through my professional consulting, I advise organizations on involving international volunteers - and, yes, I charge for that - but I don't have any consulting services for international volunteers themselves, I don't have a volunteering-abroad program to sell, etc.

But I kept seeing the same questions again and again on YahooAnswers and Quora and Reddit and various other sites: I'm under 18 - where do I find volunteering opportunities? or I love animals and want to make a career of it - how do I do that? or I want to volunteer with seniors but I don't now where to begin or How can I devote my life to helping others all over the world? and on and on. And when I looked online for answers to those questions, the information varied in quality, and what good information I could find was all over the place, on various different web sites. So I decided to create pages that both offer my own professional expertise - for free - and that link to the best information out there, in an effort to help people - especially young people - access the best information out there and get into volunteering quickly.

Unlike the majority of pages on my web site, all of the pages in this section of my web site - the section focused on individuals who want to help somehow - have advertising links on them. Some are from Google Ads, and some are from Amazon. By clicking on the Google Ad links on these pages, you generate income that helps pay for the information on my entire web site (if I'm lucky, I get a penny a click - sometimes a bit more). If you click on any of the Amazon book links, and then buy anything from Amazon (does NOT have to be the book I've linked to), you also generate income that helps pay for this entire web site.

You get the information on my entire web site for free - but it's not free to me to provide it. Costs include web hosting, URL / domain name registration, system/information backups, purchase of software (and upgrades) and subscriptions to information sources that are not freely available. So, just as YahooAnswers has advertising on it (as does YahooGroups), to generate income and help pay their costs, including staff salaries, I have advertising on all the pages on this part of my web site, to help cover my own costs (and it only covers my web-related costs that I've named - it doesn't even begin to cover my time to create these pages and keep them up-to-date!).

I update the pages with new information at least monthly.

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 The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook,  available for purchase as a paperback and an ebook from Energize, Inc.
or as a paperback from Amazon or as a Kindle book from Amazon.
This book is for both organizations new to virtual volunteering, as well as for organizations already involving online volunteers who want to improve or expand their programs.
The last chapter of the book is especially for online volunteers themselves.

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