Essays: Jayne In Germany... and Beyond

These essays/blogs/blawgs are adapted from emails I sent to various friends while living in Germany.
I posted them here on the web mostly for my family and friends, but I hope that they will also
inspire other women out there to travel abroad, and
will be helpful to those living abroad for the first time.


An Adventure Winding Down (December 2008)

Das ist nicht gut! Das ist nicht richtig! (December 2008)

I belong again. I'm proud again. (November 2008)

Eastern Europe trip by motorcycle (September 2008)

Why I Am Supporting Barack Obama to be President of the USA (August 2008)

Surfing in Munich (August 2008)

German Spam (June 2008)

Buffering... (May 2008, Part II)

Rogue Bunny (May 2008, Part I)

Go Hilltoppers! (March 2008)

House Camping (February 2008)


"CONGRATULATIONS You've purchased a fine tubular item from Target" - Germany Postscript (May, 2009)

Dieses Deutschland Abenteuer Ende (April 15, 2009)

Daily lane closers, due to zombies (February - March 2009)

Achtung, Baby (February 2009)

Rome, If You Want To (January 2009)

I Need Your Help to Save the Delta Queen!


Scotland is for Stone Huggers - A two-week tour of Scotland by motorcycle (September 2006)

This here feller plays the Star Wars on this here banjo (July 2006)

More News From the Whirled Cup (June 2006)

Spring Into Summer With the Whirled Cup (April - June 2006)

Cave Canem - A visit to Naples, Italy (May 2006)

Along for the Ride - the motorcycle season begins (April 2006)

The Buck Stops Here (March 2006)

Oui Oui in Paris (March 2006)

Jordan, Brought to You By Pepsi (January 2006)

Wo Ist Mein Gluck Swien? (January - February 2006)


w00t (December 2007)

London Revisited (November 2007)

Let's Have an Uncivil Wedding! (October 2007)

Rock Huggers in France (September 2007)

Return of Kabul Jayne to Germany (September 2007)

Blogs From Afghanistan (March - August 2007)

Kabul Jayne (February 2007)

Thank you for your application (January 2007)


Gemütlichkeit (September - December 2005)

Bruges, Belgium (September 2005)

Luck Be a Lady Tonight... (August 2005)

...and the living is easy... (June & July 2005)

Bunnies! Bunnies! It must be bunnies! (April & May 2005)

Madrid Revisited; Toledo Visited (April 2005)

Fighting evil for the sake of puppies & Christmas (Jan. - March, 2005)

The Ugly Mushroom and Stellar Jayne (January 2005)


Cocooning in Sin City (Fall 2004)

All Feet Will Sing (July, August & September 2004)

Norwegian Wood - a motorcycle trip to Norway (July 2004)

Y Tu Potter Tambien (Mostly June 2004)

All-feeders-sing ("You mean 'Auf Wiedersehen'?") (May 2004)

Komm gib mir deine Hand - a Trip to Hamburg (April 2004)

A trip to England to study and play (February 2004)

Beginning Year Four in Deutschland (February 2004)


Harry Potter, Pirates and the Dixie Chicks (More from Aug., Sept. & Oct. 2003)

Dog Update and a Forgotten Trip (Aug., Sept. & Oct. 2003)

Prague (July 2003)

Dogs, Hungary, and a forgotten bomb (June 2003)

Schadenfreude (joy in the misfortune of others), a return to Berlin (May 2003)

Return to Egypt (April 2003)

"Gute Fahrt", starting My Third Year in Germany, (Feb. 2003)


Können Sie uns bitte etwas Eis und eine Flasche Wein bringen? (Jan. - Feb. 2002)

Carnival and the Olympics (Feb. 2002)

Missing My Roots (March 2002)

Berlin (Easter 2002)

Zwei Bow Wows! (April and May 2002)

Egypt (June 2002)

Siento haber tardado tanto en escriber (Jayne returns to Spain, Aug. 2002)

Floods, Hail, Wind, Snow White and Whiney American Children (Sept. & Oct. 2002)


Getting to Germany (Feb. 14 & 15, 2001)

The first 10 days (26 Feb 2001)

What it's like in general - first impressions

6 Mar 2001


Traurig, Ich esse nicht Rindfleisch (25 Mar 2001)

Rettung auf dem Rhein - Rescue on the Rhein (25 Mar 2001)

London Calling (4 Apr 2001)

Biene Bienenstock - Bee Hives (8 Apr 2001)

Vielen Dank (short thank you)

Ey Mann, wo ist mein Auto? (April 2001)

Rhein in Flammen (06 May 2001)

  Hablo Español? (19 May 2001)

"Hallo, Hunden!" (29 May 2001)

The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You (20 June 2001)

Juana Alemánia (15 July 2001)

Greetings, Comrades! (30 July 2001)

Entschuldigung (22 August 2001)


I Love New York

Oktober 2001

I Don't Know Why It's Called the "Black Forest" (early November 2001)

They Speak French in Geneva - BON! (late November 2001)

Voy a España (Christmas 2001)

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