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You've purchased a fine tubular item from Target"
(Germany Postscript)
May 2009

I decided to write a post script:

Moving to the USA after eight years abroad leads to experiencing massive culture shock. Who knew?!

And the added bonus of no Stefan, no car, no bicycle, and none of my stuff for almost a month? It doubles, squares, even cubes the experience.

Stefan did finally arrive, less than a week after his "interview" at the US consulate in Frankfurt (wasn't an interview, really -- it was a turning-in-of-lots-of-paperwork). What makes it easier?


Thanks to everyone who left a message on Stefan's web site guest book to cheer him up as he waited for his paperwork to be done. Especially Paul:

Jayne mentioned you are still waiting to visit the US consulate to complete the necessary paperwork to bring you to this side of Atlantic. Personally, I have been to Kentucky on several occasions...seriously waiting a bit longer to join Jayne isn't a bad thing. Seriously, be patient and in no time flat you will be by our child bride's side once more. Shoot...if after all these years the US government lets your wife back in the country it should be a breeze for you. Good luck!


Ugh. The immigration paperwork. We knew there would be something wrong because that's just our luck. No matter how many check lists we made or how often we checked various web sites, we knew we would miss someting. Would it be huge and completing derailing to the entire process? Or something simple but deeply, deeply annoying? Turned out to be the latter: we were missing the last page of one of the many forms, a page I should have signed. It was about 2 a.m. my time when Stefan found this out, as he stood at one of the many windows at the USA Embassy in Frankfurt. So he waited until 6 a.m. my time to send me a text message and get me working on finding someone to print out the page so I could sign it, and then find someone with a scanner so I could email it to the embassy, or someone with a fax that allowed for international calls, so I could fax it to the embassy. It took three and a half hours for me to accomplish the mission.


"Can I get an oom pappa maw maw?" The cover of the song is awesome, but the AV Club comments are, as usual, HILARIOUS. I think AV Club commenters and Fark.com commenters should have a mixer.


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