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Getting More Viewers for Your Organization's Online Videos

Videos are a great way to represent your organization's work, to show you make a difference, to promote a message or action that relates to your mission, etc. But just uploading a video to YouTube (or Vimeo, for that matter) isn't enough to attract an audience. Here are ways to get more views for a nonprofit, NGO, school, charity or government agency's videos on YouTube.

Note that many of these tasks would be great for an online volunteer to undertake, with guidance from an appropriate staff member:

Also, make a list of your videos and how many views and "likes" each has before you do the aforementioned. Then do it again a month after you do most of the aforementioned activities. Then do it again in three months. And then again in six months. That's a great way to see if the above has any impact on traffic to your YouTube channel.

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