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The Web Diner was a program by America Online (AOL) in 1996 and 1997, providing tips on how to build a Web site, a library of shareware, freeware and artwork to use on your Web site, ready-to-use .html templates, and "Quick classes" on Web related topics.

In February 1996, only a few weeks after my site was launched, the Coyote Communications site was featured as a Blue Plate Special (recommended website) on the Web Diner. It was chosen because of its useful information for nonprofit organizations, and was the first in a series of such sites chosen as a Blue Plate Special.

AOL, unfortunately, chose to discontinue its association with the Web Diner, but its resources -- free clipart (backgrounds, icons), shareware (.gif viewers and editors) and information about .html, .cgi scripting, and other Web development tips and tools -- are still available at

Accolades to Coyote Communications

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