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Advice for Women Motorcycle Travelers:
Suggested Resources

In addition to my own resources for women motorcycle travelers, the following are web sites I use myself, and that I feel offer excellent information for women who want to travel by motorcycle.
    Sherri Jobs "Because I Can" World Tour

    Horizon's Unlimited Forum for Women Motorcycle Travelers. Whether you are on the back of the bike or riding your own, you will find this forum very helpful.

    Recommended Motorcycles for Short Women Riders or for Learning to Ride.

    Trip Advisor
    A site of mostly hotel recommendations, where people put in their own comments about the hotels. Be sure you read all reviews - and be careful both of reviews that are obviously by the staff of a hotel or their families ("This is the greatest hotel EVER!") or reviews that may initially seem bad but are actually by someone with whom you would never want to travel ("this hotel was awful - there was no flat screen TV!"). You can also use it to track your travels (view my travel map).

    Resources for Women Abroad
    A terrific site by the International Center at the University of Michigan that should be read by any woman about to travel or work abroad. An OUTSTANDING resource. If you don't find what you are looking for on my web site, go to UM's IC site.

    Sex While Traveling
    Helpful information whether you are traveling with your sexual partner or not.

    Camping Abroad
    This web site has a LOT of great information about tent camping abroad, particularly in Europe.

    The Lee Family Around the World
    In 2001-02, a family of four went around the world. The Lee's web site chronicles how they prepared for the trip, and how they did it, and serves as an inspiration for entire families to do something as ambitious together.

    Hosteling International
    Let's you book hostels online in advance that are a part of the Hosteling International network.

    Lonely Planet
    Publisher of the oh-so-famous travel guides, which I find to be the best anywhere. Its online forum, called "The Thorn Tree", is a great place to ask for advice. It also has a section on Responsible Travel.

    OneWorld Alternative Travel Guide
    to allow you to "explore the World not just as a tourist, but as a caring global citizen." Find out about exciting, unique travel opportunities: OneWorld U.S. has compiled a list of volunteer and travel opportunities offered by its nonprofit partners.

    Rough Guides - Travel
    Somewhat similar to Lonely Planet, published out of Great Britain.

    Travel Intelligence
    First-hand accounts of travel across the globe.

    Another site's information on safety for women traveling abroad

    Insure My Trip, a site to compare trip insurance. I found out about it from Clark Howard's show.

    RoadRunner, a print magazine and online resource for people who like or want to travel by motorcycle, domestically or abroad.

    Pink Pangea, featuring very brief blog entries by women travelers.

    There are more than 878 UNESCO World Heritage sites. These sites belong to all of us – to enjoy, experience and protect. They are mix of man-made and natural sites, all outstanding, each with universal value. There is an AWFUL book called 1000 Places to See Before You Die by Patricia Schultz that's actually "1000 Luxury Hotels to See Before You Die." Don't even bother with it -- the UNESCO sites are a much better goal for world travel. You may have a site quite near wherever you are now in the world. Also, get involved with Friends of World Heritage.

    Yahoo Travel - accounts by & for travelers
    News and travelogues regarding adventure travel, independent travel, business travel, traditional travel, and more. Great tips and inspiration.

    Yahoo Travel - deals
    Info on hotels, travel companies, airlines, car rentals, etc.

    By the U.S. State Department. Tips for USA citizens traveling or residing abroad. Includes information on getting a passport, and which countries require Americans to get a visa before you visit. Frequently updated.

    The International Federation of Women's Travel Organizations (IFWTO)
    a worldwide network of professional women in the travel and tourism industry.

    womens travel talk
    An online discussion group for women over 40 to share travel and outdoor recreation suggestions and ideas. It is also a place for women to connect with other women in their area for outdoor adventures.

You want an aluminum top box, but the huge alu boxes of most sellers for one or even two helmets are too big for you, and too expensive?

My husband has designed an aluminium topcase just for you! (and for us, because it's what we wanted on our own bikes)

Motorrad Aluminium Topcase

Motorrad Aluminium Topcase

Motorrad Aluminium Topcase

20 liter (5.3 gallon)

400 x 250 x 200 mm
(15 34" x 9 34" x 7 34")

1.6 mm (116") thick aluminium

Motorrad Aluminium Topcase

Motorrad Aluminium Topcase

  • completely welded, not only glued or riveted
  • lid with four loops to fasten additional luggage
  • lid completely removable, which makes loading and unloading much easier
  • two tie down hooks, which can be locked with a small padlock each
  • gasket in the lid makes the aluminum box completely waterproof
  • all attachment parts (loops, tie down hooks, and screws) are made of stainless steel
  • all corners and bends are rounded
  • light weight, only 2.3 kg (5 pounds)
  • spare parts available
Also available in custom sizes.

And, yes, those side panniers are also available to order.

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