Theatre in England December 1987 - January 1988
June 2011

For just over two weeks, starting in December 1987, right after Christmas, into January 1988, I went to London with four other students from the Western Kentucky University Theater and Dance Department, as well as students and faculty from the University of Kentucky. Our goal: to see as much theater and historical sites as we could possibly pack into the time. We got a full class credit for going.

Here's a list of every theatre production I saw on this trip, including the names of the actors and directors (some big names - though some weren't big yet!).

In addition to an incredible amount of theatre, we also went to historic sites in Stratford upon Avon, Dover, Stonehenge and Canterbury. I don't think we slept at all.

This was the first international trip I ever did, and it was absolutely life-changing. One of my favorite times on the trip was the day everyone went to some palace somewhere - I forget where - and I walked around London, by myself. And as I walked, I knew I wanted to travel, see other countries, and be a foreigner whenever possible.

See pictures from this incredible trip to London (and beyond) - though I'm not sure they really show how incredible it was. They do show how really bad my hair was...

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