Version: August 1, 2008

Getting the Most Out of Yahoo!Groups

          Note: this web page content is no longer updated.        

I'm the administrator for several Yahoo!Groups, and I've created several customized help files for users of those groups. Some of these files have been adapted and used by the owners of other Yahoo!Groups, and I'm getting more and more requests for these files.

So, I'm sharing them all online. In addition to encouraging Yahoo!Groups members to use these files to help improve their online experience, any Yahoo!Groups owners out there are welcomed to use them and adapt them as they like.

There's information there on:

To access these files, visit the Tech4Impact Home page and click on "Yahoo Help Files" (you don't need a Yahoo I.D. to view this info).

Also see: Sharing Your Work With Volunteers (and Others) Online. This resource reviews how (and why) to share your work -- your calendar, files, databases, online polls, and more, with volunteers, remote staff and other groups -- as part of your work for a nonprofit/NGOs/civil society organization. It's easier than you think! And with free tools, including YahooGroups, you can get started right away.


Coyote Communications uses Yahoo!Groups to distribute Tech4Impact because it offers so many great features, such as: the interface to view and manage members, an easy way to change group settings, an easy way to create different preferences for different users, a searchable archive of messages, a shared files space that can have different preferences for different users, and the ability for users to view messages either via email or the web.

That said, the drawback of using this, or any, free service is that the service is constantly looking for ways to send advertisements to subscribers -- it's through advertisements that they keep their service free.

I would very much like to find a fee-based, ad-free alternative to Yahoo!Groups that has the SAME features as Yahoo!Groups (in addition to the above-stated features: private chat rooms and polls). If you have a recommendation for such an alternative (and, please, I'm looking for something that has the SAME features as Yahoo!Groups, not just any alternative newsletter or online group system), please contact me.

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