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Résumé & Curriculum Vitae (CV) Consulting Services
for people looking to work in aid, relief and development

"Without Jayne's help, I would never have gotten into the UN's LEAD program. She helped me realize I had all sorts of experience I wasn't talking about in my application. She made my own words stronger. I say she has a golden hand!"
-- Iranian colleague from UNDP

"I told Jayne what kind of work I wanted to do, and she helped me repackage myself. She looked at the job I wanted and talked to me about my pas work experience, and was able to put things in my résumé from my past work I had never thought of. And I got the job!"
-- French colleague from UNIFEM

Many people miss out on jobs in nonprofit, aid, relief and/or development because of how they present their skills and experience in their résumé, or curriculum vitae (CV). Often, the experiences that a person has that would be most valued by these employers are not explicitly stated. The résumé may have worked well with for-profit companies, academic institutions and even with some nonprofits, but it lacks the style and language that aid, relief and development agencies look for.

Whether you are applying to work at a United Nations agency or an international NGO, to work at an international non-governmental agency (NGO), to work at a small nonprofit organization, or to be a part of VSO Canada, VSO or the PeaceCorps or some other volunteer-sending agency, your résumé needs to represent a variety of your professional, volunteer and academic experiences that are most desired by these agencies.

I have screened résumés for a variety of aid, relief and development agencies and nonprofits, and I have helped many professionals, from people just getting started to seasoned professionals, to improve their résumés and overall presentation, with excellent results. I can use this background to help improve your résumé. Using your answers to a variety of questions, a review of your current résumé, and a review of the jobs you feel you are qualified for, I can work with you to greatly improve your résumé -- and, ultimately, improve your chances of being hired.

Before you write me about my CV consulting, please

Perhaps you don't need me at all - these two aforementioned pages may provide all the information you need to revise your résumé or CV appropriately. They represent 50% of the advice I give in consultations to people that pay me. If you still decide to inquiry about my CV consulting, please revise your CV first based on the advice on these pages BEFORE you contact me.

Also note:

For my rates, please do all of the aforementioned and, if you still think I can help you, then contact me; in your email, send me your LinkedIn profile and the URLs for at least two jobs in which you are most interested, or a note that you are interested in UNV, VSO Canada, VSOPeaceCorps or similar assignment. Then I will decide if I will accept you as a client (I don't accept everyone). If I do decide to take you on, then I'll ask for payment in advance, and payment must be submitted via Paypal or Skrill - I will send you more details if I accept you as a client. I will NOT give out my bank account details.

DISCLAIMER: With this consultancy comes no guarantee for a job whatsoever. There are no magic words or a magic format for a CV or cover letter that will assure you the position you desire, and I don't promise such.

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