Most popular blog entries of 2014

It’s the end of 2014 – time to review my most popular blogs of the year. Some of my most viewed blogs this year weren’t from 2014…

Three of my most popular blogs, in the top five, are regarding virtual volunteering scams:

Courts being fooled by online community service scams
Online community service company tries to seem legit
What online community service is – and is not

That’s satisfying, as I really do want to get the word out about these unethical companies that are selling fake online volunteering.

Here are the other blogs people viewed most in 2014:

Making certain volunteers feel unwelcomed because of your language

The volunteer as bully = the toxic volunteer

Your flow chart for volunteers

What to do with old/vintage software

Why You SHOULD Separate Your Personal Life & Professional Life Online

It’s real: the unpaid internships & volunteers controversy

Internet-mediated Volunteering in the EU (virtual volunteering)

Jayne in Kiev, Ukraine for all August & Sept.

I’m a Frustrated Volunteer

Virtual Volunteering discussion group on LinkedIn

International Association of Fire Fighters is anti-volunteer

UN innovation events show how far they’ve come re: ICT4D

Advice for hackathons / one-day tech events looking for projects to hack

Too many volunteer matching web sites?

CSOs: submit proposals by 17 Aug. for USAID & SIDA

Now available: The LAST Virtual Volunteering Guidebook!

Research on USA volunteerism excludes virtual volunteering

Me at Work: Photos!

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