Subscribe to these Twitter lists – or recommend additions

I maintain several public Twitter lists – lists of people and organizations that regularly tweet about subjects of interest to me. My lists are public, so that others can subscribe to such, or pick out which accounts they want to follow.

Four lists that I would love to get additions for:

Tech4Good ICT4D – a list of people and organizations that regularly tweet regarding computers and the Internet used to help people, communities and the environment. A lot of this list was built following the tags #tech4good #nptech, apps for good, etc.

Volunteerism non-English – a list of non-English Tweeters re: volunteerism, volunteers, etc. I’m particularly interested in sites tweeting volunteerism-related info in Spanish or French.

Public Health – A list of government agencies, nonprofits, NGOs and others tweeting about public health initiatives.

CSR – Corporations that tweet about their philanthropic and social responsibility activities, and people and organizations that tweet regarding corporate social responsibility.

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