Daily Archives: 20 March 2012

I need your email address

I cringe when people say I’m a techie. Because I’m not I’m technically-savvy. I know how to use technology for outreach, absolutely, and I’m proud of that ability, but if I get an error message in using software, I’m stuck. Screen projectors regularly stump me – they plug in well to my Mac, usually, but I can never get them to work on IBM Clone PCs.

It’s like saying I’m a motorcycle mechanic because I have ridden more than 12,000 miles on motorcycles. I take those machines many amazing places – but I couldn’t even change a tire on one.

I say this because, in trying to upgrade my operating system on my MacBook, I annihilated my hard drive. And while I back up regularly, I apparently did something wrong two years ago, because it turns out that none of my email from the last two years backed up (I changed my email client two years ago).

All my files, documents, presentations, photos, etc. are safe (whew!), but all of my email from 2010, 2011 and the start of 2012, is gone. That includes my email address book.

So if you emailed me recently, or even in the last six months, and are wondering why I haven’t emailed you back – that’s what’s up. Please email again. If this message is for you, then know my email address – I won’t post it here, so I can keep it away from bots. Otherwise, try this web page (be sure to remove OINKMOO from the address).

I’ve tweeted this, I’ve posted it to my Facebook page, but word isn’t reaching everyone – so here it is, blogged.

And let this be a lesson to you aspiring independent consultants out there: you really are on your own when it comes to IT.

What I wish I’d known two years ago: where my email client (Thunderbird) puts my email on my hard drive (yes, I have some email on the cloud, but I need to access email even when I do NOT have Internet access!).

(there was a guy from MercyCorps who lives in the Portland, Oregon area that I have been trying to get together with for many weeks – if you are out there, PLEASE email me! I can’t remember your name!)