Free: Planning, Monitoring & Evaluating for Development Results (handbook)

This is yet another example of the plethora of free, detailed information available online to help nonprofits, NGOs, and other mission-based efforts. Various offices of the United Nations, as well as state and national governments all over the world, publish these kinds of materials online. Meeting government and international standards – even if you have nothing to do with the UN or government, even if you aren’t in a developing country, even if you work just locally and never internationally – is going to help your organization land grants / donations and build credibility.

The Handbook on Planning, Monitoring & Evaluating for Development Results, recently updated, addresses planning, monitoring, and evaluation in the context of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and its evaluation policy. It provides practical tools to strengthen results-oriented planning, monitoring, and evaluation in UNDP – but anyone who works to improve communities anywhere will find this manual helpful. The contents include:

  • Planning, monitoring, and evaluation for development results
  • Planning for results: Practical applications
  • Planning for monitoring and evaluation
  • Monitoring for results
  • Evaluating for results
  • Initiating and managing an evaluation
  • Assuring the quality of evaluation design and methodology
  • Enhancing the use of knowledge from monitoring and evaluation

It’s 220 pages long and available in English, Arabic, French, Russian and Spanish.

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