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CTK Foundation’s 2011 Heart & Soul Grant Award Program (contest)

I don’t normally post about funding contests, as I have some issues with them (oh-so-much work on the part of the nonprofit or NGO, for no return at all for most submissions), but by special request, and because of the creative nature of this particular contest that could easily be leveraged within the organization’s staff, volunteers, participants and other supporters, regardless of whether they win the contest or not, I’m making an exception:

The CTK Foundation’s 2011 Heart and Soul Grant Award Program is using a poetry contest to award more than $25,000 in grants to nonprofits, charities and voluntary organizations in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. And the good news is that grants can be used to fund whatever a nonprofit wants: technology (which the foundation specializes in), volunteer management training, or another critical function that many donors are often reluctant to fund.

To enter this contest for funds, a nonprofit, charity or voluntary organization submits an original four-to-eight-line poem that reflects its mission and work. Poems may be written by staff, clients and/or volunteers and must be entirely original. The winning poem, to be selected by an international panel of independent artists and producers, will be the inspiration for a song by Bill Dillon, a recording artist who was exonerated through the work of Innocence Project of Florida.

Applicants must be registered as a nonprofit, charity, NGO or volunteer organization in the USA, Canada or the UK, have been registered as such for at least one full calendar year, and provide proof of this upon request. Applicant organizations must have an operating board of non-related directors, a list of whom must be available upon request. The board must meet on a regular basis and document the proceedings of each meeting. Applicant organizations must be able to provide, upon request, financial statements for the last year of operations. An applying organization must also agree, if it wins, to allow CTK Foundation Fund to publish their grant submission lyrics, along with information about the organization and its work in any media format elected by CTK Foundation Fund.

Applications will be accepted through March 28th, 2011. Winners will be notified by April 10th and celebrated at the Heart and Soul Grant Award Gala on April 14th in Austin, Texas. More information here.

Why not open this contest up to all of your organization’s staff, volunteers, participants and other supporters? Ask them to create a poem per this Foundation’s guidelines, and pick one to submit for this contest. Even if your organization doesn’t win, post all of the submissions about your organization to your own web site or blog.